Adult Swim Classes (45-min) Whether you’re a novice who has never learned to swim and is ready to take that first step, an advanced swimmer who wants to learn more, or someone who wants to overcome their fear of the deep water, we have a class to suit your needs.

Adult Beginner
We recognize the challenges and fears many adults have with taking that “first plunge” into learning how to swim. This class is designed to start you off at the basics, taking small steps to overcome big challenges. Basic skills such as face submerging, floating on your back, basic kicking and arm movements, are taught at a pace that even the most timid of adults can appreciate and learn in.

Adult Advanced
This class is designed for the adult who knows the basics of swimming, but wants to challenge themselves and learn new strokes and techniques. Skills taught are the fundamentals of the backstroke, breaststroke, and dolphin kick. The class progresses as the students progress. This class also helps adults overcome their deep water fears in a safe and supervised environment. Swimmer will learn skills, such as treading water, floating on your back, and jumping in from the side of the pool. Though each skill is taught with guidance and care, we’ll teach you ways to overcome your fears, while never having to worry about doing anything you’re not ready for.





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Erik Seidenberg

Erik Seidenberg

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