• All dance classes, except Creative Movement, will participate in the annual spring recital.
• Each class will perform one dance routine in the recital. Pre-Ballet with tap will have the opportunity to perform both a ballet and tap routine.
• Tech and dress rehearsals will occur during your students scheduled class time, eliminating the need for extra rehearsals the week prior to the show.
• The recital will be held in the auditorium on the main floor of Bronx House.
• Every child participating in the recital will get 2 complimentary tickets. Any other family members or friends who wish to attend the recital must purchase a $5 ticket from our office, as there is limited capacity in the auditorium.
• Costumes will be ordered for each of the classes; students must order the costume in order to partake in the recital. There is a charge in the range of $40 per student for all costumes; payment is due as soon as possible but no later than April 2nd. You will receive your costume upon payment.

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For more info, contact:

Deborah Nitzberg

Deborah Nitzberg

Performing Arts Director


ext 236


To register, contact:

Shannon Reynolds

Performing Arts Program Assistant


ext 235