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Our camp is located on the beautiful 100-acre rustic Henry Kaufmann Campgrounds in Rockland County. Bronx House has been using these magnificent grounds for more than 60 years and they continue to offer a unique camping experience that camps remaining in the city cannot compare with.  These exceptional campgrounds allow us to provide a wide variety of activities for your child. 


Activities such as swimming, sports, boating, gardening, high ropes challenge course, S.T.E.M., nature, archery, yoga, music and more, are made better because of the distinctive outdoor setting.  We encourage parents to come visit our campgrounds prior to camp starting, and to “be a camper” during the camp season on one of our Parent Visiting Days, subject to COVID restrictions. All brand new home bases, pools, baseball, and soccer fields will make Summer 2021 amazing!


In the event that current COVID-19 restrictions are still in place and affect or limit our ability to conduct trips/outings, we will increase the scheduling of Entertainers and Special Activity vendors at the Campgrounds. In past years, we have often hosted these events (magic shows, musical entertainment, acrobats, Send-in-the-Clowns variety entertainment, gameshows and carnivals) and campers have always enjoyed participating in them.

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Leon Davis

Leon Davis

Managing Director, Children, Youth & Family Programs & Day Camps


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