Whether you’re a novice who has never learned to swim and is ready to take that first step, an advanced swimmer who wants to learn more, or someone who wants to overcome their fear of the deep water, we have a class to suit your needs.

Adult Beginner: (45 Min) This class is designed to start you off at the basics, taking small steps to overcome big challenges. Basic skills, such as face submersion, back floating, basic kicks and arm movements are taught at a pace that suits older less experienced swimmers. Our Red Cross certified lifeguards take the time to overcome your fears and work diligently to create comfort in the water.

Adult Intermediate: (45 Min) The Intermediate course is designed for the adult who knows the basics of swimming but wants to improve their stroke and techniques as well as gain more confidence in their swim ability. Skills taught focus on the fundamentals of the backstroke, breaststroke, and dolphin kick. The class progresses at the pace of the swimmers and is done in way that builds not only ability but comfort in the water.

Adult Advanced: (45 Min) This class is for Adults who have finished the Adult Intermediate class and  have a good comfort level in the water. The main focus of the lessons will be on continuing to build confidence in your swim abilities, improving the newer stroke techniques, diving, and conditioning.  To take the class you should be able to swim at least a full lap back and forth without stopping. This course will take you past the basics and really work to create comfortable and confident swimmers. For those adults comfortable in the water this class can serve as a nice fitness addition to your weekly schedule.

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Jessica Cruz

Jessica Cruz

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