Introduction to Classical Ballet (Ages 6 – 11)
Must be in 2nd grade by first class, or permission of instructor
Pre-Requisite for 6 year olds: Ballet Beginnings
Learn the basics of classical ballet in a welcoming, encouraging environment. Students will develop technique, musicality and grace while progressing at a steady pace over the session. This class follows the format of a typical ballet class and includes basic barre exercises, center practice, and learning combinations while building strength, proper alignment, and agility. Students learn basic French terms and proper stretching technique. Emphasis is placed on developing a good foundation, increasing attention span, and instilling a love for dance. Students begin to learn personal responsibility for their own supplies (i.e. shoes, tights, hair supplies etc.)
Increases the number of steps, terms, strength, and flexibility as compared to Ballet Beginnings. It is common to spend 2 years at this level, as more advanced technique and individualized corrections will be standard in the class, as well as a continuance of perfecting steps and technique.

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