Water Sprites: 3-4 Years Old (30 Min) This class is for children who are not quite ready to swim on their own, and instead offers a transition program for parents to start the first half of classes with their child. The parent helps to build comfort with the instructor and helps to facilitate lessons until the children are ready to swim on their own. The focus is on developing independent and confident young swimmers while incorporating skills such as submersion, kicking, arm movement, and jumping in to the pool. 

Super Sprites: 3-4 Years Old (30 Min) This class is offered for those 3 or 4 year olds who are more independent and do not need parent involvement or those swimmers who have completed Water Sprites. Through repetition and games, a variety of skills are introduced including bobbing, breath control, streamlining, and the basics of freestyle. All swimmers must be comfortable separating from their parent or guardian.

Advanced Super Sprites: 3-4 Years Old (30 Min) Participants must have successfully passed Super Sprites to be allowed in this class. In our advanced class, more independent swimming is explored, as participants learn to build a foundation of swim technique with arm movements, continued effective kicking (on front and back) and breathe control.

Olympic Sprites: 5 Years Old (30 Min) For 5 year olds we offer a class that focuses on more advanced techniques but does not pressure young swimmers to do more than they are capable. This is a nice transition from the younger classes and begins to prepare swimmers to join our older class level system. Children must be comfortable putting their heads in the water and should have a basic swim ability.


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Jessica Cruz

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