Why They Come Over To Our House

Milagros, a mother of three, has lost 100 pounds since she started coming to fitness classes at Bronx House, increasing the odds that she’ll be around for many more of her family’s special occasions. Last fall, 12-year-old Jason was excited to peer through a telescope and see the moon up-close at an after-school astronomy program that keeps kids learning after dark. Six-year-old Jayden is non-verbal, but his face (and his Mom’s) light up when he and his swimming instructor enter the pool for a lesson. After her husband passed away, Rosa, a lovely 85-year-old lady, sat home alone every day for a year. Then she discovered the daily lunch and recreational program at Bronx House. “I have so many friends now,” she says.

In every one of our programs, for over a hundred years since our founding, there have been stories of people whose lives are better because of Bronx House.

Each year Bronx House provides scholarships so that kids can go to summer camp; take a music class and borrow a practice instrument; or have a safe, nurturing place to go after school until a parent gets home. With your help, we can make all our programs accessible to a growing number of Bronx families who need them now more than ever.

Your tax-deductible donation helps ensure that our proud tradition of making A Better Life for Everyone™ continues. Can we count on your support?

– Howard Martin, CEO

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